Bookmaker Review
  • "Where the Line Originates"
  • Trusted partner, Solid reputation
  • High max bets
  • Solid bonus structure
  • Loyalty program not available to professional players
(9 / 10)
(9 / 10)
(8 / 10)
High Roller:
(8 / 10)
(9.2 / 10)
Current Bonus/Promotion:
  • Rock solid reputation
  • High roller / High max bet
Wagering Options:
  • France, Costa Rica
Deposit Methods:
Credit Card
Western Union
Bank Wires
Withdrawal Methods:
Credit Card

"Where the Lines Originate!" BookMaker has become synonymous with early lines and odds making. They have an excellent reputation for customer service, player security and payouts. Bookmaker is hands down one of the top online sportsbooks in the industry today.

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, this offshore online sportsbook got its humble beginnings in 1997, when online sportsbook betting was in its infancy. BookMaker grew quickly. With their top notch reputation, BookMaker has become a major player in the online sports betting world.

Overall Highlights of BookMaker Sportsbook:.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • High Wager Limits ($50,000 NFL)
  • Bonus: $500 Deposit Bonus
  • Use Promo code hardrock

Lines and Odds:

BookMaker has become the offshore sportsbook "who sets the line". Their heads oddsmakers gather just after 7pm every Sunday evening to post the first offshore NFL lines available anywhere. Many other online books look to BookMaker to find out what a line should be for a specific game.

Because of these early line, larger NFL handicappers choose to have an account with BookMaker. If an early line pops up that shows value, these sharp handicappers are able to pounce on the line, before it moves.

The only minor knock on BookMaker's odds - some of the baseball and exotic sports prices tend to be a little high. BookMaker does not offer Dime and Nickel lines for Baseball, Tennis and other money lines. With that being said, BookMaker makes up for this in may different areas.

# of Teams Parlay Odds Teaser Odds
3 5.5 to 1 1.6 to 1
4 10 to 1 2.8 to 1
5 20 to 1 4.25 to 1
6 40 to 1 6 to 1
7 80 to 1 8.5 to 1
8 150 to 1 12.5 to 1
9 300 to 1 17.5 to 1
10 600 to 1 24 to 1

Bonus and Promotions:

BookMaker offers some of the best bonus deals and promos in the business. Currently, BookMaker is offering a max 20% Deposit Bonus, which players can max out at $1200. This is one of the largest gross dollar amount bonuses you will find

BookMaker also offers a Loyalty Program. This program allows you to accumulate points with every dollar you bet. Points can be redeemed for free payouts, cash back betting, airline tickets and more! It is a pretty amazing program BookMaker runs. We fully recommend it for larger players

Reload bonuses, Free Plays and Contests are continually offered at BookMaker to keep players fresh and entertained

Sign up to BookMaker and use the unique bonus code HARDROCK to claim OWR's special deposit bonus

Deposits & Payouts:

BookMaker makes deposits and payouts as pain-free as possible. We have had very little problem transacting with our BookMaker accounts. Their credit card processors have some of the highest success rate in the business

Many high limit players choose BookMaker because of their ability to transact in large amounts of money with easy. Some of our larger clients are very happy playing exclusively with BookMaker, and we can see why

*Please note - With Loyalty Points Payouts you can choose Free Payout

Company Financials:

In term of stability and overall company liquidity, BookMaker ranks in the upper tier of the business. They have thousands of players world wide, so their handle risk is always very minimal. Overall, they have an impeachable track record of player security and payout timeliness. This is a testament to BookMakers solid company structure and balance sheet

Max Bet and Additional Features:

$50,000 Max NFL wager high enough for you? Well it is for OWR's high limit clients. Because of BookMakers 50K max limit NFL wager, many of OWR's high end clients choose to deal with BookMaker. They have a solid track record of accepting bets from the World's largest sports bettors. BookMaker also allows customers to enter phone wagers, which is highly attractive to old school players

In terms of betting features, BookMaker has a good amount to keep any player entertained. They offer unique betting features, such as live play-by-play betting, office pools and a full flash casino room.