5Dimes Sportsbook Zelle accounts have changed, new details are available
5Dimes Zelle account info has updated. Players should contact 5Dimes for new account info.

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5Dimes sportsbook is no the cutting edge of deposit & withdrawal methods by allowing users to make eTransfers (Zelle) and counter deposits.

Transactions methods such as these makes players lives much easier! Without much effort, players are able to transact with their sportsbook accounts. This can only be a good thing.

In a recent announcement, 5Dimes has communicated that their Zelle accounts have been updated:

  • Previous account information is expired.
  • Players are stop using older Zelle information
  • Players should contact 5Dimes support for the new Zelle account info

This is very important news (obviously). Players should be sure to triple check their account info before send any money to sportsbooks.

In the event you are having any issues, be sure to contact 5Dimes support right away.

(see below for full message by 5Dimes)

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for playing with 5Dimes Group!

If you have been using DirectPay to make your deposits 
or plan on starting to use it, please read the following message:

The account information for eTransfers (Zelle), 
Wires and Counter deposits sent up until 12-29-2018 
is no longer be valid as of today. 
Please reach out to our Customer Service Department via phone, 
Live Chat or email (info@5dimes.eu) to request the new set of 
instructions for this deposit method to be emailed to you 
as soon as possible.

The bank account related to the previous set of instructions 
will be deactivated as of today.
We kindly request that you stop using the last set of instructions
and that you start using the new ones. 
We are implementing this change to assure the continued use of 
this method for you and all of our customers.

Any transfer or deposit sent from today and on using the previous 
instructions might be difficult to retrieve or might bounce.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us 
via phone, live chat or email to further assist you.

Best regards,
Customer Service Department
5Dimes Group

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We are always available to guide our users through any sportsbook or online betting site concerns.

Good luck!

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