5Dimes is a sportsbook that you can trust - Sportsbook Review
5Dimes is an online sportsbook you can trust. We have worked with them over the past 10 years, and here is our feedback.

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If you want the best poker and sportsbook on the web than 5Dimes is where you want to be. As you will see, this site just gets it right in all areas. Sure, there are a few areas for improvement (and we will get to that as well), but overall if you are spending your time placing sports bets or interested in trying your luck against the best in online poker, you should give 5Dimes a hard look.


5Dimes.eu is like no other sportsbook when it comes to an easy-to-use interface. Simply click (or touch) your sport and you will see all the options available to you. All current and futures are available in just about every sport imaginable.

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Navigation of the sportsbook is definitely easy and what I enjoyed the most was once I found a game how easy it was to review the available bets (spread, money line, over/under) as well as easily buy points if I wanted.

Grade: A

Line Analysis:

The odds are very favorable at 5Dimes. Ten cent lines are the rule for MLB action; they will even often twenty cent lines for NFL games. Early lines make this a favorite of professional bettors and the minimum bets make recreational betting fun as well. Low minimum bet. 

If you are the type of gambler that likes early lines or to place many bets you will love 5Dimes.

Grade: A


No one is perfect and sportsbooks are not perfect either. 5Dimes falls short with limited promotions and bonuses for their players. I guess they feel they are giving enough up front that they don’t need to promote in this area. I tend to agree, but a lot of players choose to play based on freebies. It also appears they are introducing a lot of different reward programs, there were too many for me to figure out which would benefit me most. 

So, this is an area I would expect to improve once they figure it out. If you are looking to place bets and bonuses are your thing, it appears NFL games are where you want to place your time. Also, if you place a lot of bets there is definitely an advantage and you can expect perks along the way.

Grade: C+

**Special OWR Bonus - Join 5Dimes as a new customer receive up to $540 in Bonuses


With several different options it’s easy to find a poker room to fit your needs. You can play daily, weekly or even on-demand. Yes, you heard that correctly, on-demand. You need to know how to play because the competition is stiff. 5Dimes hosts monthly events with some of the stiffest competition in the world playing. This may be intimidating to some, but remember that the best also brings the highest payout. 

Warning: They actual refer to these rooms as The Shark Tank, so yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart. Of course, if you are here, chances are you are one of those making the competition stiff. 

Features include resizable tables, bounty and knockout tournaments and huge selection of games. You can play for cash or there are even options to play for “fun” if you are just looking to get your feet wet. 

For poker, all the top features are available and you don’t need to worry about the user interface which is intuitive; instead, this gives you more time to focus on the game at hand.

Grade: A-

Deposits and Payouts:

For deposits, VISA is the primary method and first time users are only allowed a max of $250. Once you have three successful deposits, you are increased to $500. For those that like to receive via check for lower amounts, this is a bummer, but once you reach the limit you can expect your check within a couple days.

Update - 5Dimes now allows transactions in Bitcoins! This is an huge advantage, adding anonymity to your transactions.

Grade: B

Customer Service:

Customer service is 24/7 with full chat and phone support. There are separate numbers for the sportsbook and horse racing and you can always email and expect a reply in a timely manner. The site and company have built a reputation of being reliable, an important attribute for an online sportsbook and casino.

Grade: A+


There is also a full casino and you will find more promotions if you utilize this area. 5Dimes has a mobile site, but it’s not much of an app, but more their website on a mobile device. Still, if you are able to zoom in and out on your phone you will find the mobile app to have all of the features as the online program. You can definitely place your bets either way, just not as easily from a mobile device. 

For poker players it’s about consistency. If you continue to show you are going to play consistently you can expect member only invites as well as incentives along the way. Also, if lucky (or unlucky) an entry into one of the lucrative monthly games that promise major cash to the winners.

Grade: A-


For playing poker and betting sports, 5Dimes has everything a better could want. They are known for their poker tables and elite competition so if you are looking for good matches with high payouts you need to check them out. As far as the sportsbook goes, you get early lines, the ability to bet on just about anything and it’s all laid out in an easy to use manner. 

If there is one key feature that sets 5Dimes apart from the other big online gaming names it is definitely the early lines. Sports gamblers looking for an edge understand the importance and opportunity this presents. Don’t forget the minimum lines if you like to spread out your bets or just want to have some fun and take chances on a 5 team parlay! 

Seriously though, the early lines is reason enough to sign-up and start wagering at 5Dimes today.

Grade: A-

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