How to Pick an Online Sportsbook - How to Bet Sports Online (Tutorial)

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Welcome to Part 1 of our How to Bet Sports Online Tutorial:

How to Pick an Online Sportsbook

Here we will get into the details of how to pick the best online sportsbook. We will review some of the basic criteria for selecting an online sportsbook, and which online betting site is best suited for YOUR needs.

Fitting your personal needs is important. Lets look at basic example: 

  • When your a high roller you require - high betting limits, large transactions sizes and excellent customer service.  
  • If your a novice or recrational player you require - big bonus structure, low transaction costs and various betting options

"Whales" dont play at recreational sportsbook, and vice versa.

Now, lets jump into the key criteria. Here is what to review when selecting an online sportsbookbook.


Player security the top priority when playing online. No sacrifices should be made in this department. Regardless of bonus or other perks, this should always be the top priority.


Reputation and security go hand-in-hand. Reputation is defined as the track record of an online site, tenured in the market place, and feedback for past and current customers. This category is usually the most obvious, because here at OnlineWagerReview we will only propmote sportsbooks which have an established track record of happy customers.

Customer Service

Another reputational type of criteria. Customer service is vital, expecially when your a larger player, and require special attention. Even for the recreational user, its important to choose a sportsbook which is considerate to your needs. Response time, postitive feedback are some of the key measurements we use to evaluate Customer Service of a sportsbook.

Lines, Odds and Juice

Most players should be concerned about the odds and juice a sportsbook offers. This especially becomes prevalant when your a larger, "high roller" type of player. Its may seem suprising, but sportsbooks can range considerably on the payout odds and juice charged to accept a wager.


Many online sportsbook entice new players with signup bonuses. Sometimes - these are amazing offers. Other times - players are tricked with a bag of false promises. When evaluating a new sportsook, be sure to review the bonus payout structure. Some things can be hidden here, preventing the player from collecting their bonsues.


When its all said and done, money is a the root of all of it. A sportsbooks ability to move money (quickly and securly) is a must have criteria. Crytocurrencies (such as Bitcoin betting) have helped removed some barriars. We focus on books that have a proven track recored (see Reputation) when it comes to transacting with players funds...and profits. 

Next Steps

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